Validation Methods

Required validation : When you need to make field required.
Just tick required for your field in Gravity Forms

Email validation : When you need to validate email address.
Use class email. Validates :

Url validation : When you need to validate urls.
Use class url. Validates :

Date validation : When you need to validate date.
Use class date. Validates : 2015-03-12

Number validation : When you need to validate only numbers.
Use class number. Validates : 7645.46

Digit only validation : Only accepts digits. No decimals accepted.
Use class digits. Validates : 7645

Credit Card validation : When you need to validate credit card number.
Use class creditcard. Validates: 5520010511051954

US Phone number validation : When you need to validate US Phone number.
Use class phoneUS. Validates: 837-345-3456

IBAN (International Bank Acccount number) : When you need to validate international bank account number.
Use class iban. Validates: AL47212110090000000235698741

Letters Only : When you need to validate alphabets only.
Use class lettersonly. Validates: abcdefghijkl

Custom Code : Validates custom code. Multiple custom code possible from ver 5.0
Use dynamic class CCode-XXX

Custom RegEx: Validates any rules using custom javascript RegEx.
Use dynamic class RegEx-XXX

Email Code Verification : Send email verification code in email and validates it.
Use class emailVerify.

Check Username : Check and validate if Username exists or not. Can be used for like referral or ask username for support.
Use class checkUsername.

Alpha Numeric : Letters, numbers, and underscores only.
Use class alphanumeric.

Letters and Space : letters and space only.
Use class letters_space.

Dutch giro account numbers : Validates giro account numbers.
Use class giroaccountNL.

BIC Number : Validates Business identifier code.
Use class bic.

Integer : Validates positive or negative non-decimal number.
Use class integer.

IPv4 Address : Validates IPv4 address.
Use class ipv4.

IPv6 Address : Validates IPv6 address.
Use class ipv6.

Mobile UK : Validates UK Mobile numbers.
Use class mobileUK.

Phone UK : Validates UK phone numbers.
Use class phoneUK.

US States : Validates US States and/or Territories.
Use class stateUS.

Minimum Number : Minimum numeric value user can input. Like: Age must be 18+.
Use class JVmin-#. Where # is minimum numeric value required.

Maximum Number : Maximum numeric value user can input. Like: Age mustt not be above 100.
Use class JVmax-#. Where # is maximum numeric value required.

Minimum Length : Minimum length user can input. Like: Name should be atleast 3 characters long.
Use class JVminlength-#. Where # is minimum length required.

Maximum Length : Maximum length user can input. Like: Name shouldn’t exceed more than 30 characters.
Use class JVmaxlength-#. Where # is maximum length allowed.

Range Length : Minimum and maximum number of characters user can input. Like: username should atleast 3 and not more than 20 characters.
Use class JVrangelength-#-*. Where # is minimum length required and * is maximum length allowed.

Range : Minimum and maximum number value user can input. Like: Age should between 18 – 60.
Use class JVrange-#-*. Where # is minimum numeric value required and * is maximum numeric value allowed.

Equal To : When you need to ask same value similar to previous element. Like: Password Confirmation
Use class JVequalTo-input_##. Where input_## is the field ID you want to tally with.

JVextension : Only allow certain files format for user to upload. Like : jpg, png only.
Use class JVextension-ext1_ext2_ext3. Where ext1, ext2, ext3 are the file extension you allow user to upload.

JVrequireGroup : When given number of fields in a group need to be required. Like: Within a group of three phone numbers, ensure at least one is complete.
Use class JVrequireGroup-#_GROUPNAME. Where # is no of fields user must fill up from the group and GROUPNAME is a field class name. Like: phonenumbers. You need to add GROUPNAME as class for all the fields from the group.